Why Stain?

Every year home owners across the country spend countless amounts of money on wood privacy fence. The fences help to shade the backyard, offer a certain amount of security, keep pets and children contained, and give the home owner privacy while in their back yard. With the rising cost of lumber it makes good sense to protect this valuable investment. Wood Defender fence stain and sealant works to beautify, protect and preserve the fence. They keep the look of the fence aesthetically pleasing while saving the home owner the money and aggravation of replacing the fence every 5-7 years.


Transparent and Semi-Transparent Fence Stains 

Each Wood Defender fence stain product is designed and formulated for a single purpose, fence staining. Compared to competitive products that are labeled "universal" the Wood Defender product line is superior in all aspects. Wood Defender is formulated for longevity, ease of application, and ease of re-coats.

Semi Transparent Fence Stain - Utilizes opaque pigmentation at a reduced rate to achieve a stained appearance. The unique pigment combination has been tested to prove its unparalleled U.V protection. The combination of pigments offers increased square foot per gallon coverage. Offers a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Through its many years of service by dedicated applicators Wood Defender Semi-Transparent Fence Stain has become the "Contractors Choice", out selling all other products we offer. Wood Defender “NOTHING ELSE COMPARES”.

Transparent Fence Stain - Utilizes ultra fine Trans Oxide pigments to highlight and reveal all of the wood grain while staining the fence. Trans Oxide pigments are ground so fine they are very resistant to Ultra Violet Rays. The Transparent fence stain is commonly desired on a new Cedar or Redwood fence where the customer is striving to highlight and glorify the existing wood beauty. The Transparent Fence Stain and sealant is backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Wood Defender "NOTHING ELSE COMPARES".`

Fence Staining Advantages of Wood Defender

Ease of application - Wood Defender Fence Stains are formulated for ease of application. Our Fence stains have been formulated for the professional contractor with input from many successful applicators of the product. The professional fence stainer realizes the benefit of a product that goes on easy and does not require back brushing. When the surface of the fence is saturated the stain will penetrate into the lumber and provide a uniform finish. The Wood Defender products are superior when compared to competitive products that require back brushing or back rolling to hide runs, drips, and lap marks. The other main advantage of Wood Defender is that it will wipe off most non porous surfaces. The stain is easily cleaned off of most painted surfaces, autos, glass, siding, smooth brick, and lawn furniture. Wood Defender "NOTHING ELSE COMPARES"

Recoat ability - Wood Defender products utilize a modified oil formula that enhances penetration and does not leave a surface film. The lack of a film on the surface of the wood makes re-coats a snap. In many circumstances if the stain is in good condition on the fence there will be absolutely no prep work required for a re-spray. The ease of recoats allows Wood Defender users to establish a fence maintenance program with their customers, returning every two to three years to re-spray the fence.

Longevity - Wood Defender Fence Stains offer a very conservative warranty. It is common for the stain to look good on the fence for up to twice the length of the warranty. The wood Defender Fence Stains are formulated to resist the harmful effects of U.V rays, water damage, severe humidity, and mildew. This means the fence will have a longer life protected from nature’s harsh elements.

wood defender fence and deck stains

When all considerations are made it is easy to see why Wood Defender has become the contractor’s choice for fence staining. We offer a product to fit each fence owners liking. We offer products that are up to the task of satisfying discriminating contractors, but yet easy enough for a typical do it yourselfer to apply. We offer a product we are confident in backing with a legitimate manufacturers warranty. We offer a product like no other. Wood Defender "NOTHING ELSE COMPARES".